World’s most advanced emission monitoring expert
World’s most advanced emission monitoring expert


TP Europe helps reduce methane emissions from offshore production platforms

LDAR enables the oil and gas industry to improve environmental performance and enhance operational efficiency by minimizing methane emissions. This practice is an effective tool to support global initiatives to reduce the collective average methane intensity of aggregated upstream oil and gas operations as e.g. the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) target or other projects. LDAR not only improves environmental  and operational safety but also brings cost savings and increased revenues.

Both in the production of oil and natural gas, methane emissions occur in various process steps. In addition to channeled emissions, production facilities have to deal with small leakages of flanges, pumps and valves, the so called fugitive emissions. A good way to get insight in emission sources and to quantify the leakage is the so called “leak-no leak” method, also known as Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR). On the basis of the LDAR protocol the potential emission sources are identified and according to EPA 21 the volume of leakages is quantified.

Oil and gas industry targets substantial reduction of methane emissions and aligns environmental reporting
The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) is a voluntary initiative to take practical actions on climate change. OGCI members collectively strive to lower carbon footprints and have set a target to reduce the collective average methane intensity of integrated upstream gas and oil operations to 0,20% by 2025, representing reduction by more than one-third.

The Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association (NOGEPA) wants to contribute to an open and transparent transition to a fully sustainable energy supply in 2015. NOGEPA has issued a number of standards and guidelines in connection with safety and environment aspects of production facilities and a covenant on environmental reporting where also fugitive emissions are an important topic.

TP Europe is happy to put its expertise in the field of LDAR at the disposal of these organizations to help them to achieve their goals.

TP Europe meets the challenges of leak detection on offshore drilling platforms
The main challenges of offshore production units are to secure full-continuous production but at the same time prevent production losses and environmental damage caused by unwanted fugitive emissions.

TP Europe is the leading expert in offshore fugitive emission monitoring and flare emission reduction programs. With our services we increase the platforms performance, reduce the risk of incidents, maintain the integrity of installations and reduce energy losses.

We are familiar with the harsh conditions at sea and the influence of weather conditions such as temperature, humidity and wind on working conditions and measurement results.

Needless to say that we also are fully aware of safety regulations. We know how to deal with the pressure of full-continuous production processes and impact on inspection activities.

TP Europe offers expert advice and professional operational services with certified and fully offshore trained inspectors
TP Europe has a proven track record of effective worldwide LDAR management in the field of Energy-, Oil-, Gas-, and (Petro)Chemical Industry, on- and offshore. As an independent company we offer effective and integrated solutions to optimize production facilities and company results. Our innovative software not only ensures flawless detection and registration but also enables detailed reporting. Our certified inspectors use the most advanced technology, are thoroughly trained and have years of experience in interpreting collected data and images. Our inspectors are OPITO trained and fully familiar with the special requirements when working offshore.

LDAR management on basis of innovative software
TP Europe not only has many years of experience in inspection and monitoring of leak detection in accordance with EPA Method 21. We also developed innovative software for LDAR management, based on decades of experience. The software not only ensures flawless automatic tagging of components in P&ID’s, but also enables detailed reporting for repair orders or statutory environmental reporting. Our software is a web based application with a client portal giving secured access to a specific client database. TP Europe software is fully compatible with ERP systems and therefore allows integration of LDAR data with general management information.

Environmental and safety benefits in view of corporate social responsibility
TP Europe assists you in improving safety and minimizing risks. With adequate leak detection and follow up maintenance activities you will reduce risks of incidents and fire, improve safety and working conditions for operators on the platform and contribute to reduction of environmental impact. Our LDAR program supports the reduction of emissions and energy losses and maintaining the integrity of your installation. LDAR management contributes to meet objectives for safety, health, environment en production output.

TP Europe will be happy to provide you with any further information you may require. For general information please refer to the monitoring services and asset integrity management sections of our website.

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